The Benefits of using Anhydrous Skincare

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The Benefits of using Anhydrous Skincare


Here at InnerZen Organics, we truly believe in the power of nature and everything it has to offer us. It is with this in mind that we have developed a line of water-free skincare, that allows us to take full advantage of these ingredients, without ever having to dilute our potent blends.


When we speak about anhydrous skincare, we refer to products that have not been diluted, nor have they used the precious resource of water that we dearly need to protect. These wonderful products offer a range of benefits, which we are going to cover in this blog post. We would love to hear your feedback and your thoughts, so please do feel free to get in touch with us at any time.


Waterless skincare is without doubt the way of the future, let us tell you why:


100% Active Ingredients:

When you choose an anhydrous skincare product from InnerZen Organics, you can be assured that you are receiving a formula that is totally water-free. This means that everything you see, smell and feel is used in its undiluted form. All ingredients are 100% active, so you really do receive a blend that is superior in all aspects.


Better for your Skin:

Here at InnerZen Organics, we do of course recognise the importance of water in our daily diet, however we also believe that its place in the skincare market should be extremely limited. When water is added to a product, it increases the risk of contamination, without added water, bacteria will find it almost impossible to flourish, meaning your skincare regime is a cleaner, more organic process. 


Lasts Longer

As anhydrous formulas and blends are undiluted, they tend to last longer and be more potent in their impact. This means, that as a customer you can use less of the product and still experience the full effect. You will also find that you are using the product less often than water-based formulas, as the effects are longer lasting and kinder to your skin.


Better for your Pocket

As the above point would suggest, this efficient usage means you save on costs. InnerZen Organics offer an affordable range of anhydrous organic skincare that lasts longer due to its potency, long-life and mindful usage.


Environmentally Sound

For many decades, water has been the ‘go to’ filler for beauty brands right across the globe, it still is for the vast majority. We urge you to take a look at the products in your bathroom right now and notice the top ingredient listed on each beauty product you own – we’ll put money on the fact that the top ingredient is ‘aqua’ or ‘water’. This inexpensive resource is readily available to cosmetic and skincare companies and has been overused now for far too long. At a time when we need to protect our most precious resources, using water as a main ingredient in anything should be frowned upon. Reducing our water footprint in the everyday items we use can make a real difference to our world, in our own lifetime and for future generations.


Other Benefits:


  • The product always remains potent, fresh and ready to use.
  • No preservatives or additives are added to anhydrous skincare products as they do not require stabilisation.
  • Anhydrous skincare can be certified as organic; skincare brands that do feature water can never claim this or be organically certified.
  • Every drop of product is packed full of active, natural ingredients.



We hope you have enjoyed our short blog post about the benefits of anhydrous skincare, and we urge you to get in touch should you wish to learn more. The team here at InnerZen Organics is always on hand to assist with queries or provide you with the information you need to make an informed purchasing choice.


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