Demystifying The Use Of Oils On The Skin

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 Everyone can enjoy the benefits of using oils on their skin. 

Although using an oil based product on skin that may be prone to oiliness or even acne may seem daunting , we assure you there is nothing to worry about - in fact it can be very beneficial.

 Think about the concept of like dissolving like ... yes, oil actually dissolves oil. Therefore using a Cleansing oil or cleansing balm is a very natural thing.


 Cleansing with oils

Many people assume using an oil based cleanser if they have an oily or combination complexion to be a no no. When in fact it is extremely beneficial as often many cleansers for this skin type strip the skin in order to reduce the sebum production. This can seem at first to be working but then it begins to irritate the sensitive skin barrier , leaving the face red and dry with flaky patches. As I mentioned earlier, oil dissolves oil , so by using an oil based cleanser  the skin below is not irritated or left dehydrated. The acid mantle is not disturbed , and the skin is not tricked into believing it must create MORE sebum as a result which leads to a vicious circle of more oil being produced . 

Sometimes using too many harsh chemicals or ingredients on our skin can result in the sebaceous glands going into overdrive in the hopes of compensating for the moisture that has been stripped away by these harsh ingredients. We at Innerzen Organics advise you to limit your skins exposure to such ingredients and keep to products that have a shorter ingredient list or use only natural ingredients in their products.  

Moisturising With Oils

 Natural oils for example Rosehip , Blackcurrant, are bursting with Vitamin C so are brightening, and packed with anti oxidants ,leaving the skin with an incomparable glow!

The are positively brimming with fatty acids and omegas that help boost collagen production .This in turn strengthens your skin and speeds up the healing process of damaged cells. Facilitating your body s collagen production can be particularly important as we get older. This is because your body begins to produce less collagen  as we age , from as early as our thirty s is starts to slow down. As a result we begin to form fine lines and wrinkles , sagging begins as the elastin in our skin depletes ... so using ingredients that boost the collagen and elastin production goes a long way to help combat this.

As featured in our Award Winning Overnight Elixir , Prickly Pear Seed oil is positively overflowing with anti oxidants due to its extremely high Vitamin E content. Anti oxidants are vital to fight Free Radicals like external pollutants such as UV damage and pollution which all cause havoc on our skin. They repair damage and regenerate skin cells encouraging collagen and elastin production.

  Other oils like Borage, Sacha Inchi and Marshmallow Root oil hydrate, soothe , balance  and soften. They are contained in many of our products but all three feature in our Calming Facial oil which is ideal for all skin types due to its rapid absorbtion .  It is antiaging, soothing and aids in reducing redness. It is  perfect for even acne skin but equally nourishing for dry or mature skin types. 

So I hope i have demystified using oil on your skin!  

All our products are 100% made from natural and organic where possible plant based ingredients , so whats not to love?


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