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About InnerZen Organics

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Water-Free Skincare Ireland

InnerZen Organics is a female led, business based in the sunny south east of Ireland. We put a special focus on water-free skincare, toxin free and vegan friendly formulations that contain natural ingredients with zero dilution. All of our products are developed with a holistic approach, because we truly want our customers to benefit in a way that is meaningful in their everyday lives.
At InnerZen Organics our mission is a simple one, we want you to celebrate your skin as well as empower you to find confidence and wellbeing through a mindful skincare routine. Through the development of our potent blends that nourish the skin and mind, we hope that you achieve harmony, balance and a new appreciation for the person you are, both inside and out.
Here at InnerZen, we know that water-free skincare is the way of the future for a number of very important reasons:

• Every drop of our skincare blends contains 100% active ingredients without any dilution.
• Anhydrous products require less amount of product per use, meaning you get more bang for your buck.
• When you add water to a product, you also need to add stabilisers. Stabilisers and preservatives can cause irritation and are packed full of chemicals that you just don’t want in your daily skincare routine.
• The team here at InnerZen are environmentally conscious, and we recognise that water is one of our most precious resources. Why use a resource when it is simply not needed?
• Did you know that some of the leading skincare brands contain up to 90% water? This means you are spending your well-earned cash on a heavily diluted product that can contain as little as 10% active ingredients.
• Water cannot be certified as organic, so any product that contains even the smallest bit of water will never reach organic status.
• Zero water equals more active ingredients for you to enjoy, meaning you also get the maximum benefits for your skin.
• No artificial colours, sulphates, or unnatural fragrances, we use only 100% natural ingredients.
As a family run business, we know the importance of providing superior customer service. It is with this in mind that we interact with our customers in a way that is unique and personal. We truly want to hear your feedback and provide you with expert skincare advice and guidance. Exceptional customer service is at the very core of what we do, meaning that all queries are addressed immediately, and every customer is treated with respect, we know you are not just another order number, you are the reason we do what we do! We even pop a little personalised note in with every order, to let you know we appreciate your custom and your loyalty.

You come first at

InnerZen Organics Ireland

As part of our process, we want to make it easy for you to contact us and welcome you to place orders both online and over the phone by calling 08-8176453

Let’s tell you a bit about our founder:

Fiona Long is the founder of InnerZen Organics and has spent years working as a holistic therapist and treating patients using a wide variety of plant-based oils. It was through this practice that Fiona realised the many benefits of natural oils on the skin, from anti-inflammatory treatments to skincare complaints. Through the practice of holistic therapy, Fiona began to formulate skincare products for clients, family and friends, and quickly learned that her blends were making a real difference for those that used them.

Those suffering with rosacea, saw marked improvements in a short space of time and younger users with acne and breakouts were raving about her formulations. This tremendous feedback was where InnerZen Organics was born.

By eliminating toxins and chemicals from her skincare formulations, Fiona knew that every skin type would respond positively. Through continued research and ongoing study, Fiona realised she was on to something that could make a real difference to real people. Fiona has also received invaluable training from established brands such as Nuxe, Pixie and Ren during her time as a beauty department manager in a renowned department store in Cork City.

Our Achievement's so far

Organic Skincare Ireland

With a passion for the benefits of floral waters, and natural and organic products, Fiona took InnerZen Organics to the next level.

In 2023, We won Best Organic Skincare in the ROI Prestige Awards 2023.

Five of our products received THE EDITORS CHOICE acclamation for the Beauty shortlist awards 2023.

In 2022, InnerZen Organics was voted the winner of the ROI Prestige Awards under the Vegan Skincare Product Specialist of the Year category.

In January of 2022 we were awarded Best
Emerging Skincare Brand
at the Irish Enterprise Awards on behalf of EU Business News.

We also recived a Bronze Medal for our Overnight Elixir in the Free Form Awards 2022.

With three products featured in Vogue in December 2021, January 2022 and December 2022, InnerZen Organics has proven that a true belief in sustainability and a mindful approach to skincare is what people are looking for in their lives right now. Be part of this movement and embrace the change
towards a more sustainable and self-aware future.


Eu Business Irish Enterprise award
Natural Skincare Brand of the Year Award