Wash & Glow Cleanser
Wash & Glow Cleanser
Wash & Glow Cleanser
Wash & Glow Cleanser
Wash & Glow Cleanser
Wash & Glow Cleanser
Wash & Glow Cleanser
Wash & Glow Cleanser
Wash & Glow Cleanser
Wash & Glow Cleanser

Wash & Glow Cleanser

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Wake up your skin each morning with our gorgeous new Wash & Glow Cleanser! 

 The perfect first  step in your Skincare ritual every morning. Simply and gently cleanses the skin with its beautiful blend of oils . This Wash & Glow , wash off, cleanser is an oil to milk consistency when water is added to it, so no need to use a cloth to remove . It simply rinses away leaving no residue , leaving your complexion clean and bright ready for the rest of your Innerzen Organics regime. 

  Wash & Glow has a  rich blend of Organic oils such as Sesame and Argan , excellent at removing oil build up from the skin . Whilst  Organic Lemon essential oil , for its antibacterial , clarifying and gentle exfoliating properties along with Organic Rosemary essential oil  known for its toning and tightening benefits also revives dull skin promoting a glowing complexion. The blend of these  two essential oils along with Bergamot essential oil,create an energising , uplifting scent which helps you to begin your day in a mindful happy way.

Suitable for all skin types and ages , it may be used as a morning / evening cleanse , after our sumptuous Melting Cleansing Balm as a second cleanse .  It is not suitable for removing heavy make up application . Wash & Glow wash off cleanser is perfect to use before jumping in the shower , simply dispense 2-3 pumps to your hands , apply to face, lightly massage in and then rinse off in the shower.  Or dispense to wet palms work in a tiny amount of water and massage onto face and rinse. 

 Packed in a fully recyclable frosted glass bottle with a detachable pp pump Wash & Glow Cleanser is a beautiful addition to your Innerzen Organics collection and makes a great simple and effective way to cleanse your skin in a hurry!

 Our Glowing Ingredients ;

*Sesame oil

*Argan oil

*Apricot oil

Polyglyceryl -4-Oleate {natural plant based emulsifier}

Vitamin E

*lemon peel oil 

*Rosemary Oil

*Organic Ingredients

100% natural ingredients


Benefits of using our Wash & Glow Cleanser;

- Easy to use , rinse off formula

- Gentle on skin

- Brightens dull skin

- Refreshing scent

- Removes light make up

- Dissolves SPF

- Prepares skin for ultimate product absorbtion

- Natural ingredients


100ml bottle