About Us

I'm a  mother and grandmother. I studied Beauty Therapy for years before starting work in retail. But my passion always lay in the Beauty and Holistic Industry.

I trained in Reiki, Kansa Vatki leg and foot massage, Indian Head Massage and the Natural Facial. Through these courses I gained a vast knowledge about the benefits of different oils.

Following on from that, I decided to begin making my own skincare products. Gradually,    I shared them with family and close friends. Eventually, people began asking me for the products and so Inner Zen Organics was born.

My range only contains Natural and Organic Ingredients, all of which are ethically sourced.

They are Anhydrous products meaning  they contain no water or water-based ingredients. Only oils, butters, essential oils and antioxidants. 

Each of these have huge benefits like anti-aging, nourishing, smoothing, brightening, calming, regenerating, relaxing, uplifting and grounding elements.

All ingredients are Natural and/or Organics.  There are Absolutely NO Nasties in there !! Simply made with love and Nature's food store .
Enjoy !