StressLess Giftbox from Irish Organic Experts InnerZen Organics

StressLess Giftbox from Irish Organic Experts InnerZen Organics

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The StressLess Giftbox has been lovingly created by the team here at InnerZen Organics, to promote calm and ease stress in everyday life. Whether you’re searching for a gift or seeking a routine to ease your own stresses, this superb giftbox contains everything you will ever need.


Included in the InnerZen Organics StressLess Giftbox:


  • Our signature product, the all important Melting Cleansing Balm from InnerZen Organics. This lightweight balm has received incredible feedback from our loyal customers and is one of the ‘go-to’ products for those who value mindful skincare. We encourage users to really take the time to be mindful when undertaking their daily skincare routines, and we just know you will love this cleansing balm from the moment you first use it. Free from water and packed full of superior natural, organic ingredients, this balm will melt your stresses away.
  • Mesh cotton bag with two bamboo cotton reusable pads. These eco-friendly, skin-friendly pads are just perfect for removing your Melting Cleansing Balm after a thorough cleanse. Simply pop them in the wash and keep on using, no more stressing over disposable cotton pads or environmentally unfriendly wipes.
  • Mango wood incense burner. This beautifully crafted incense burner is the perfect receptacle for the Sacred Palo Santo Sticks that are included in this gift set. Mango wood is renowned for its durable properties, and when well looked after will keep its fresh lustre and appearance for many years.
  • Jasmine and Holy Basil Incense: To further enhance your StressLess experience, we have included a mixture of holy basil incense and jasmine incense for you to enjoy. Holy basil has been shown to enhance meditational practices by encouraging an uplifting effect on the mood, whilst Jasmine promotes relaxation.
  • Abalone Shell: This beautiful abalone shell can be used to burn your incense or to extinguish smudge sticks after use. A wonderful decorative item to store your most prized possessions or simply use it for its protective and healing properties.
  • Pukka Wellbeing teabag: Once you have put your feet up for the evening, we can honestly say there is nothing better for relaxation than a cup of our favourite Pukka tea. These alchemists are renowned for their unique blends of tea and have garnered a reputation for excellence amongst those who value natural ingredients and processes.
  • Sacred Palo Santo Sticks (2): Traditionally, Palo Santo was used by healers to cleanse negative energy and purify spaces leaving. We find that the aroma helps to still the mind and encourages stress release at times when we are feeling harried from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
  • Worry stone in a velvet pouch: Packaged in a charming purple velvet pouch, this worry stone with thumb indent is the perfect peace of calm to carry with you during the day. Use when you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed and take the time to focus on the present.
  • Affirmation card: To help you with relieving stress, we have included a positive affirmation card to recite whilst meditating. On the back of the card you will find instructions for burning your Palo Santo sticks, along with a cleansing prayer to guide your mind.