Hibiscus Rose Hydrating Face Mask
Hibiscus Rose Hydrating Face Mask
Hibiscus Rose Hydrating Face Mask
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Hibiscus Rose Hydrating Face Mask

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This premium mask is made with Organic Mango and Rosehip Butters along with many other skin enhancing ingredients such as Hibiscus , Rose Petal and Licorice powder. Also Pink Clay and Kaolin Clay's. 

Hibiscus contains vast amounts of skin beautifying properties. It is high in natural AHA's {Vitamin C} . These acids gently exfoliate the the skin whilst boosting cell turnover.

Rose Petal Powder is an astringent but does not strip the skin so leaving it smooth and glowing.

Licorice Powder is an anti~inflammatory and is high in anti~ oxidants., so soothing on the skin.

This unique mask does not dry on the skin , s o you dont get that uncomfortable tightening sensation instead it stay like a moist balm on your skin. 


Apply a generous layer of this mask with your fingers onto your face . Leave for a minimum of 20 minutes for best results. Wipe off with a warm wash cloth to reveal a  baby soft , glowing complexion.

May be used twice a week or whenever your skin needs a pick me up !


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