This Spritz is made with the miracle anti aging ingredient Hibicuss, AKA the Botox Plant! Hibiscus has wonderful skin enhancing properties due to its richness in antioxidants called anthocyanocides. These particular antioxidants not only protect against Free Radicals but they have slightly astringent properties also so aid in reducing pore size giving a smoother complexion. They are also anti inflammatory so making Hibiscus suitable for sensitive skin. Hibiscus also has the incredible ability to inhibit the breakdown of our skins precious elastin . So actively combats the aging process by lifting and firming your skin.

The Organic natural acids in Hibiscus aid in breaking down dead skin cells and increasing turnover, in turn bringing your skin back in balance for a beautiful, glowing complexion. Lastly but not least Hibiscus contains high amounts of mucilage which enhances the skins abiity to retain moisture. So making dull ,dry skin a thing of the past!

Complimented by the Organic Rose Flower Water and its soothing benifits along with a little Organic Mellisa Flower Water which is wonderful for sluggish skin, awakening your skin but calming your mind. This Spritz is very lightly scented purely from the ingredients. No added essential oils or any “fragrance” has been added.

Just a simple refreshing Spritz !

50ml Bottle

Shake before use.Spritz about 3-6inches from face 2/3 times . Ideal for use with Rose Hyluronic Acid Serum. Can be used alone day or night.

Please allow up to 5/6 working days for delivery .