Dry Body Oil


Natural Organic Vegan Body Skincare



A rich dry oil that won’t leave you greasy or sticky. This wonderful oil is packed full of natural ingredients to help tone, tighten and flush away the toxins that help create that orange peel skin we ALL have and loathe!!

The anti cellulite oil is made with a base of Almond oil and Sunflower oil ?known for their ability to hydrate and lubricate dry skin. The product also contains Grapeseed oil ?for it’s astringent and tightening effect. Grapeseed essential oil has energising, invigorating and cleansing effects aiding in the flushing of toxins and water retention.

Beautiful Geranium essential oil supplies us with clear healthy skin, acts as a lymph stimulant and boosts circulation.
Grapefruit ?essential oil is another great stimulant and invigorator. Both of these oils combined give a holistic effect through their physical benefits. They’re both calming and uplifting leaving us with the heady scent of summer.?

Apply all over body for quick drying non greasy moisturisation and skin toning effects especially on hips thighs tummy and upper arms. For extra hydration apply to slightly damp skin after showering.


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