Coffee Infused Eyecream


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A sumptuous balm like consistency this eyecream is made using Green  Organic coffee-infused oil so it is packed full of toxin flushing caffeine so aiding in the removal of dark circles and puffiness.? Collegen boosting Shea Butter and Rosehip seed oil ?a natural form of Vitamin A (retinol) helps even skin tone ,hydrate and firm.Essential oils of Chamomile for its anti inflammatory effects and mild sedative qualities relax the mind. Lavender for the soothing, healing, hydrating properties.

Finally fabulous Frankincense, the “King” of anti aging essential oils, promotes cell growth and regeneration. A great antioxidant also and can significantly reduces age spots and refines laughter lines and crows feet.? Frankincense has the ability to calm the racing mind and promotes a feeling of being grounded and relaxed. ?‍♀‍

All this in one little pot make this One Not To Miss !!

Remove a tiny amount with the spatula supplied, apply to back of hand melt with ring finger and apply to eye area using a circular motion from outter eye in towards nose up and around.


Please allow up to 5/6 working days for delivery .

1 review for Coffee Infused Eyecream

  1. stephycasey (verified owner)

    Can’t recommend this product higher, have seen a vast improvement with the dark circles under my eyes. They’re now gone, it’s a miracle worker!!

    • FLN

      Thank you so much , delighted your seeing results!

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