Using InnerZen Organics Skincare in a Mindful Way

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A big part of the philosophy here at InnerZen Organics, is using skincare in a mindful, experiential way.  We are of the mind, that when you take the time to look after your skin, you can also use this time to look after your body and inner self. With the busy lifestyles we lead today and the push towards always being on the move, it is vitally important that we take some time out on a daily basis to check in with ourselves.


If you already spend a few moments every evening washing your face, brushing your teeth or applying a moisturiser, why not make this time more meaningful and join the movement towards self-care? We urge all our customers, and in fact anyone who may be reading this blog post, to truly take the time to indulge yourself for just ten minutes out of every day. Let’s talk you through the night-time routine of the InnerZen Organics team, using our anhydrous skincare range, and give you an overview of what it means to be mindful with your skincare.


First things first, we give our hair a quick brush and pop on an eco-friendly headband to ensure all hair is kept cleanly away from the facial area. Stand in front of a well-lit mirror and take the time to look at your face, properly look at your face, for possibly the first time today. It’s most likely been a long day, you may look tired, eyes may be a bit puffy and if you have been wearing makeup, this has long passed its best by now. That’s all ok. By recognising the day through looking at your face, this gives you even more impetuous to be kinder to yourself during this time.


Let’s start with our Melting Cleansing Balm, this is perfect for cleansing away the impurities of the day and will remove any makeup with ease. Keep in mind, we’re not using any water in our products so there’s no need for you to use water during your mindful time either! Using the bamboo applicator, take a small amount of the balm and place in your hands. Remember you only need to use a small amount here as the product is packed with active ingredients. We now move to the best tools we have at our disposal, our hands; you will notice that the balm has already started to melt. Use your hands to massage the balm into your face using circular upward motions. You will see that the balm will turn to an oil-like consistency once the heat of your hands and face have activated it. This balm needs to work with the natural oils in your skin to give you a perfect cleanse, so really take the time to massage your face, close your eyes and take in the scents of neroli and ylang ylang whilst you give your face and mind the treatment it deserves. Do this for a couple of minutes to truly enjoy some me time and pay particular attention to areas where you were wearing heavy makeup. The oils in the balm will dissolve this makeup in no time. Use our 100% silk wash cloth or a warm flannel to wipe away the excess and now look at your face again. You’re looking like you’ve quite literally washed the day away and your skin is now glowing from the benefits of the massage and the active ingredients in the melting cleansing balm.


The next step in our night-time routine, is the application of the InnerZen Organics Overnight Elixir. This blend of prickly pear cactus oil, borage oil, vitamin E, carrot seed and frankincense, will give you the opportunity to breathe deeply and appreciate some ‘me’ time when you need it most. We advise that you take a drop of the oil, warm it gently between your hands and start applying to the face and neck area in upward, circular motions, all the time focusing on yourself and letting the thoughts of the day drift away. Continue to massage the oil across the face and neck area for a minute or two. This oil will help to soothe the skin, slow the natural aging process and is suitable for all skin types, so you can be assured of a refreshed look when you wake from a peaceful sleep in the morning.


To prepare for your morning ritual, have your Coffee Infused Eye Cream at the ready, and the InnerZen Smoothing Day Cream. The perfect way to start the day with a calm mind.


If you would like to learn more about the relation between skincare and mindfulness, get in touch with the team here at InnerZen Organics. We are currently working on creating a ZenTime community and we would love for you to join us in this revolutionary movement. Our Zen reach also encompasses a monthly Swim in the Sea, which we welcome you to join us on for a truly mindful experience.


Check back with us regularly to learn more about the mindful skincare movement and the many connections between self-care, mindfulness and an awareness surrounding your daily skincare routines.


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