About Innerzen Organics

After years of working as a Holistic Therapist and using a wide variety of Plant based oils in different treatments, I realised the huge advantage of these oils on the skin.Due to their vast array of health beneifits e.g. anti-inflammatory, nourishing, hydrating, plumping, regenerating and softening to mention but a few!

At the same time i was becoming increasingly aware of the amount of chemicals I was applying to my skin daily via the shop bought products I was using,and the damage they were doing both topically, to my skins natural defenses, and internally,via organ system toxicity.

An average person uses approximately 9/10 personal care products every day and these 9/10 products could potentially contain up to 120 ingredients. IF these products are not Natural and contain chemical ingredients, then just stop and think!!!!!!!!!!

InnerZen Organics


60% of what we put onto our skin is directly absorbed into our bloodstream. Our skin is the bodys largest organ so we need to look after it and protect it as much as we can. Using synthetic [TOXIC] products may well be cheaper but are YOU willing to put yourself at risk of the list of know and unknown side-effects caused by these harmful chemicals ??  My answer was NO !!!!

Hence InnerZen Organics was born !

I began making products for my family and friends and getting great feedback with them raving about the difference in their skin in a relatively short space of time. So I knew i was onto something.I continued my research and studies and have come up with a range of face and body products and a couple of things for the men so they dont feel left out [thanks to my hubby!]

When you eliminate toxins and synthetic chemicals from your routine you will very soon see your skin respond to the natural nutrients in a much better way , seeing immediate and most importantly long term results. The range consists of Anhydrous products meaning they contain no water or water-based ingredients so reducing the need for chemical preservatives and so keeping the range very Natural.

natural and organic products

Using only Plant Oils, Butters, Essential Oils Antioxidants and Active Botanicals. Each of these have huge benefits like anti-aging, nourishing, smoothing, brightening, calming, regenerating, relaxing, uplifting and grounding elements .All ingredients are Natural and/or Organic.

The Preservatives we do use are completely Natural and COSMOS certified.
Our Serums and Spritz are made from Organic Floral Waters not just Deionised water like most.

There are Absolutely NO Nasties in there !!
Simply made with love and Nature’s food store.

I am passionate about the benefits of Natural and Organic products and how they can impact on our overall health and wellbeing .These types of products are often very expensive to buy but I endevour to provide a unique range of skincare that encorporates highly effective, superior quality, potent Natural and Organic, whereverer possible, ingredients at a very customer friendly price proving excellent value for money .